vRealize Automation (vRA)-All About

What is vRealize Automation (vRA)?

vRealize Automation is a cloud automation tool that accelerates the delivery of IT services through automation and pre-defined policies, providing high level of agility and flexibility for developers, while enabling IT teams to maintain frictionless governance and control.

VMware vRealize Automation Overview from Regalix on Vimeo.

What vRealize Automation Delivers

Agility Through Cloud Automation Orchestration

Accelerate the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure and applications.

Choice Through Flexibility

Provision and manage multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure, and stateful / stateless applications by leveraging new and existing infrastructure, tools, and processes.

Control Through Frictionless Governance Policies

Ensure that users receive the right-size resources or applications from the right cloud at the appropriate service level for the jobs they need to perform.

Cost Saving Through Efficiency

Reduce operational cost by replacing time-consuming, manual processes and gain additional cost savings through automated reclamation of inactive resources.


Infrastructure As Code!!!

IDC ranks VMware #1 for 2017 market share in IT Automation and Configuration


VMware vRealize Automation