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What is  vSphere Auto Deploy?

Provision vSphere Hosts Rapidly VMware vSphere Auto Deploy facilitates rapid server deployment and provisioning of vSphere hosts by leveraging the network boot capabilities of x86 servers together with the small footprint of the VMware ESXi hypervisor. With Auto Deploy,



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Centralize ESXi Image Management With Auto Deploy,
Vshare ESXi software images with all hosts running on matching hardware. Centralized image management eliminates the need to patch and update individual ESXi hosts. Instead, simply perform a single update to the shared image profile then reboot the VMware vSphere hosts. –
Eliminate Configuration Drift
Each time a vSphere host reboots, it is reinstalled and reconfigured, ensuring a consistent image and configuration. Auto Deploy prevents configuration drift and eliminates the need to use precious resources managing the drift of manual configuration and patch processes.

Run from Memory with Diskless vSphere Hosts
Hosts provisioned with Auto Deploy can be configured to run completely from memory, eliminating the need to purchase or allocate local storage to each vSphere host. Eliminating the need for a dedicated boot device simplifies SAN configurations with easier LUN zoning and masking
Stateful Deployments of Hosts
With stateless caching or stateful deployments—even in the event the Auto Deploy server potentially fails—the host can still be booted from the local disk. – See more at: https://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/features/auto-deploy#sthash.T1wUmIm7.dpuf
vSphere hosts are network-booted from a central Auto Deploy server where the ESXi software is installed directly into the server’s memory.
Once installed, a VMware vCenter host profile is used to configure the host. After configuration, the host is connected to vCenter where it is available to host virtual machines.
The entire process is fully automated, allowing new hosts to be provisioned with no manual intervention. –

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