vSphere 6.5  Release -What Is New?

vSphere 6.5  Release -What Is New?






Download VMware vSphere 6.5 Technical White Paper

vSphere 6.5- Technical Overview

1. ESXI Virtual Server

2. Vcenter Server
*Improved Appliance Management
*VMware Update Manager
*Native High Availability
*Built-in Backup / Restore
Performance Improvement in both vSphere Web Client  and
fully supported HTML5-based vSphere Client.

a. Migration
*vCenter Server Appliance built in installer Migration Tool.
*Migration Tool has several improvements over the recently released vSphere 6.0 Update 2m release.
Supported on Windows vCenter Server 5.5 and 6.0
( If you’re currently running a Windows vCenter Server 6.0, this is your chance to get to the vCenter Server Appliance using this Migration Tool. )

The Migration tool which allows for more granular selection of migrated data as follows:
*Configuration, events, and tasks
*Configuration, events, tasks, and performance metrics
*VMware Update Manager (VUM) is now part of the vCenter Server Appliance.
*Vcenter Inventory, and alarm data is migrated by default.

This will be huge for customers who have been waiting to migrate to the vCenter Server Appliance without managing a separate Windows server for VUM.

If you’ve already migrated to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.0 the upgrade process will migrate your VUM baselines and updates to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5. 

*Improved Appliance Management
Another exclusive feature of the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 is the improved appliance management capabilities. The vCenter Server Appliance Management Interface continues its evolution and exposes additional health and configurations. This simple user interface now shows Network and Database statistics, disk space, and health in addition to CPU and memory statistics which reduces the reliance on using a command line interface for simple monitoring and operational tasks.
*vCenter Server High Availability

*Active, Passive, and Witness nodes which are cloned from the existing vCenter Server.
*Failover within the vCenter HA cluster can occur when an entire node is lost (host failure for example) or when certain key services failures.
*vCenter Server 6.5 has a new native high availability solution that is available exclusively for the vCenter Server Appliance.
Backup and Restore
*Built-in backup and restore for the vCenter Server Appliance.
*Running embedded with the appliance.
*This new out-of-the-box functionality enables customers to backup vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller appliances directly from the VAMI or API, and also backs up both VUM and Auto Deploy.

vSphere Web Client
*Support based on the Adobe Flex platform and requires Adobe Flash.
*HTML5-based vSphere Client:
*Inventory tree is the default view
*Home screen reorganized
*Renamed “Manage” tab to “Configure”
*Removed “Related Objects” tab
*Performance improvements (VM Rollup at 5000 instead of 50 VMs)
*Live refresh for power states, tasks, and more!

vSphere Client
*Supported version of the HTML5-based vSphere Client
*Built in vSphere Client is built with  vCenter Server 6.5 (both Windows and Appliance)
*Clean, consistent UI built on VMware’s new Clarity UI standards
*Built on HTML5 so it is truly a cross-browser and cross-platform application
*No browser plugins to install/manage
*Integrated into vCenter Server for 6.5 and fully supported
*Fully supports Enhanced Linked Mode
*Users of the Fling have been extremely positive about its performance

3. Auto deploy

Auto Deploy 6.5 GUI Configuration. We will now walk through the new Auto Deploy GUI and create a custom ESXi image with deploy rules to boot ESXi hosts.

4. Reference

a. What’s New in vSphere 6.5 -vCenter Server
b. What’s New in vSphere 6.5- ESXI Host

c. What is New in vSphere 6.5-Technical Overview Guide
d. What’s New in vSphere 6.5



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