VMware vCenter Operations Manager Dashboard Overview and Capacity Planning

Planning the Resources for Your Managed Environment by Using vRealize Operations Manager.



You can use the vRealize Operations Manager projects feature to plan for capacity upgrades or optimization in your virtual environment. You create a project to include upcoming changes that affect your capacity and is useful for capacity planning. A project has one or more scenarios where capacity or demand changes on a date in the future. You can visualize one or more projects in the visualization pane to forecast your capacity and demand. When a project is expected to happen, you can commit it, which reserves the capacity needed.



vRealize Operations Manager 6 – Capacity Optimization and Scenario Modeling (vSOM)  


Great VMware Tutitoral on Dashboard Overiew and Capacity Planning.

Kris Walsh, VMware Systems Engineer discusses VMware vCenter Operations Manager Dashboard and Capacity Planning specifically the settings and their meanings.


VCOPS Dashboards Overview Part 1

VCOPS Dashboards Overview Part 2



Planning the Resources for Your Managed Environment by Using vRealize Operations Manager






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