Vloud Componets:Vshield

-VMware Vshield Manager.
*Deploys and manages VMware Shield Edge, devices as requested by Vcloud Director.
-Connects to Vcenter via VIM API for Vshield Edge deployment.
-Manages configuration via VIX API.

*Linux based virtual application
*Runs management interface
*Aggresgates usage data for Vcenter Chargeback
*ONce per attached Vcenter Server.

-Vshield Edge
*Firewall and router device that provides network and security services.
*Deployed automatically by Vcloud Director via Vshield Manager
*Deployed to Vsphere hosts as virtual appliances.
*Enforce multitenancy services-NAT, DHCP, Firewall, Port Forwarding and IP Masquerading services.



Reference: Vcloud Architecture




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