Vcloud-Vmware Data Recovery: Backup and Restore Challenges Considerstation

VMware Data Recovery is a vStorage API Data Protection – VMware based solution.
There are other vStorage AP Data Protection based backup technologies are available from third-party backup vendors:

Vmware Data Recovery:

Vmware Data Recovery:

Currently due to the UUID versus object ID issue, VMware Data Recovery cannot be used with Vcloud Directory. The following list backup and restore challenges:

*vApp naming data required for recovery.
*vApp meta data required for recovery.
*Multi-object vApp backup(protection groups for multi-tiered vApps).
*Manual recovery steps in the cloud.
*Support for backup for vApp on isolated networks or with no network connectivity.
*Enumeration of vApps by organization for use by the organization administrator
*Enumeration of vApps by organization and provider for user by the organization provider.
*User initiated backup/recovery.
*Support of provider(the provider administrator) and consumer(organization administrator and user).

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