Vcloud: Service Models

There are a number of ways in which cloud services can be delivered. In this section we review the commonly accepted definitions of the various services and their delivery models.

The X as a Service (XaaS) models are important concepts to understand and predate the definition of cloud services. XaaS defines the type of service being delivered; delivery models:

To understand delivery models, you must grasp the concepts of consumer and provider:Consumer A consumer is the user—the person or organization that requests, uses, and releases resources and services. This involves the processing of data using the services provided. In some instances, the consumer may be another application or software process rather than a human consumer.

  • Provider A provider is the person or organization that deals with delivering and provisioning the resources and services to the consumer. This involves installing hardware and software and typically using automation and workflows to simplify the process for the consumer while delivering a low operational cost to the provider.



Vcloud Service Models

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