Vcloud: Management and Cloud Consumer Resource Cluster


Vcloud Management and Consumer Resources-Clusters Illustration.

Management  Cluster

Infrastructure Virtual Machine:
*Vcenter server virtual machine.
*Vcloud Director cell virtual machine
*Vcloud Chargeback server virtual machine
*Vcenter database Virtual machine
*Vcloud Director Database Virtual Machine

Optional Management Functions:
*Load balancer virtual machines for Vcloud Director cells.
*Vcloud Connector virtual machine.
*VMware Management Assistance (VMA) virtual machine.
*VMware Data Recovery Virtual Machine.

*NO user Workload
*High Availability HA
*Distributed Resource Scheduler(DRS) created to manage Vcloud Architecture.
*Management Cluster contains standard ESXI host and Vcenter Server.
*Management Cluster has it own share storage.

Cloud Consumer Resources Cluster.

*Vsphere resource managed  by VMware Director Cloud
*Each resource collection represents one or more provider VDCs.
*Exclusively for cloud user workloads- no management virtual machine(except vShield Edge virtual appliances deployed automatically.

Both Management and Consumer Resource Cluster reside at the same physical location due own latency issue might arise if workloads need to be move from side to another.


Based on VMware recommendation that management components to deployed in the management cluster, but choice deploy consumer resource cluster. For example, Vcenter server system and Vshield Manager Instances.



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