vCenter Site Recovery Manager(SRM)

What is Vmware SRM?

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager is disaster recovery solution that provides automated orchestration and non-disruptive testing of centralized recovery plans for all virtualized applications

One-Click Recovery Legacy disaster recovery strategies that depend on manual procedures and complex runbooks to execute require highly specialized staff, big time investments and high coordination from several teams responsible for different layers of the data center infrastructure.

Site Recovery Manager, Virtual SAN and vSphere Replication shield users from having to manage many of the steps required for traditional recovery.

Vmware vCetner SRM :Concepts and Architecture

Vmware vCetner SRM Installation

Vmware vCenter SRM: Storage Replication Part 1


Vmware vCenter SRM: Storage Replication Part 2.

Vmware vCenter SRM: Creating a Recovery Plan

Vmware vCenter SRM: Testing a Recovery PlanĀ 



Vmware vCenter SRM: Failover


Installation and Setup Guide (Coming Soon)



vCenter Site Recovery Manager-

Vmware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.0 Performance and Best Practices

Vmware Site Recovery Manager Product Walthroughts

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