OpenFiler Free NAS: Configuration Openfiler- ESXi shared storage with NFS and iSCSI Guide.

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This document is targeted  configuration of  Openfiler NAS solution for ESXI-Network File System(NFS) and Mounting Newly NFS Datastore to ESXI host.

The purpose and scope in implementing Openfiler is  test/check other VMware vSphere server 5.X advanced features

*Storage VMotion,
*VMware High Availability (VMHA),
*VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS).

 Scope of the document:

Cover only Openfiler System Configuration, Security Access Control, and Create New Datastore Share, Mount Newly Created Datastore to ESXI Host(s).

We will be using Openfiler on Vmware 10 Workstation to illustrate step by step, Configuring Openfiler NAS access control list and security configuration,  creating NFS datastore mount points, allow ESXI host mount a newly create NFS Datastore.


ESXI Datastore View via Vsphese Client.

*Please  note if you have not  installed Openfiler, go the posting Openfiler Installation.

Network File System-(NFS) For ESXI Host With OpenFiler NAS Solution-
Download embedded Open Filer Installation Document

Download the PDF file .

ISCSI DISK LUN Configuration Guide For ESXI Host With OpenFiler NAS Solution
Download Embedded Open Filer Configuration Guides:

Download the PDF file .



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