NUTANIX- Turn Key Virtualization Solution

What is Nutanix?

The Nutanix solution consists of the “Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform” which delivers enterprise compute and storage through the deployment of commodity computing servers (called nodes) which each run a standard hypervisor and the Nutanix Operating System (NOS). Each server contains Intel processors, memory, solid-state drives and traditional hard drives, and when added into a cluster aggregates storage resources into a single storage pool. Capacity is added by adding a node to the computing cluster.





Why Nutanix?

Nutanix Administration Overview

  • Enterprise Virtualization:
  • Storage – Server-Attached Flash(SSDs)
  • High-Capacity Spinning Disk(HDDs)
  • Virtualized storage 3 controllers per node.
  •  Compute – 4 independent server compute nodes Intel CPU + RAM
  • 4 Nodes in 2U Block.

4 indenpend compute storage node

Virtual Computing Platform Specification 

networpolicies nutaix2architecte nutanix_dfs


Cluster Architecture


Nutanix Distributed File System is a scalable distributed file system designed for virtualization workloads.  Built for enterprise datacenters to enable a turn key private cloud building block, NDFS delivers fault tolerance, high performance, scalability and reliability for server and desktop virtual machines.

Guest VM Data Management 


Hypervisor Integration 

Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform was designed for virtualization, so it smoothly integrates into the hypervisor environment.

  • Each Nutanix node runs a generic install of an Enterprise Hypervisor (Vmware vsphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, KVM)
  • Nutanix leaverages hypervisor APIs for deeper integration (Vmware VAAI Hper-V ODX)

Nutanix Administration Guide -Coming Soon!!!!

Nutanix in a Nutshell





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