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Deploying CM01

  1. Using Hyper-V Manager or VMware Sphere, create a virtual machine with the following settings:
  • Name: CM01
  • Hard drive: 300 GB (dynamic disk)
  • Memory: 6 GB (6 GB minimum, 16 GB RAM recommended)
  • Network: Your lab network
  • Image file (ISO): C:\HydrationCM2012R2\ISO\HydrationCM2012R2.iso
  1. Start the CM01 virtual machine. After booting from HydrationCM2012R2.iso , and after WinPE has loaded, select the CM01 task sequence.
  2. Wait until the setup is complete and you see the Hydration Complete message in the final summary.



Additional Configuration Notes:

Note: Again, by default, all accounts, including Administrator, have a password of P@ssw0rd.

If you need to change server names, IP addresses, domain names, installation, passwords, etc. in the environment, the main configuration is stored in the four .ini files


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