Installing and Launching Cisco UCS Platform Emulator

Title: Installing and Launching Cisco UCS Platform Emulator
I. The VM performs a one-time installation process the first time it starts up. Allow the installation to complete before you reboot the VM.

Step 1 Extract the Cisco UCS Platform Emulator .zip file and .ova file to a folder.

Step 2 Open or import the unzipped Cisco UCS Platform Emulator into a supported hypervisor, as required by the hypervisor.

Do not continue with the next step until the VM has finished booting.

Step 3 (Optional) If you want to use DHCP for Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, enter the IP address from the VM
console window in a supported Mozilla-based web browser to start Cisco UCS Platform Emulator.

Step 4 (Optional) If you want to assign a static IP address to Cisco UCS Platform Emulator, do the following:

Note Steps 4 f), g), and h) should be repeated three times – one for each of the three interfaces.

a) In the VM console window, at the cisco-ucspe login prompt, enter config and press Enter.

b) At the Password prompt, enter config and press Enter.

c) At the Select prompt, enter a to change the network settings to use a statically assigned IP address.

d) At the Change settings prompt, enter y and press Enter.

e) At the Use DHCP? prompt, enter n and press Enter.

f) At the Enter IP address prompt, enter the static IP address and press Enter.

g) At the Enter netmask prompt, enter your netmask and press Enter.

h) At the Enter default gateway prompt, enter your default gateway and press Enter.

After you enter the default gateway, the network interface reinitializes with your settings.

II. Log into Cisco UCS GUI:  via console address displayed in the VM console.


A.  Open web browser http://<IP address of the Cisco UCS GUI>



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