Create USB Bootable ESXi Installation Media

What is USB Bootable ESXI Media?
The alternative boot media through USB device to install ESXI.
Create a bootable USB drive for ESXi Installation Media- alternative method if blade doesn’t have DVD/CD ROM drive. You can use USB drive boot to ESXi or to install it locally on your system.
Installing from a USB drive is much simpler and quicker then burning the provided ISO to a CD.
To create the bootable ESXi drive you will need a few things.
  •  Flash drive.
  •  ESXi (your version) .ISO.
  •  Rufus Software
  •  USB flash drive
1. How to Steps.
a. Click to download ESXi installation ISO Media from VMware
b. Click  on download rufus .
c. Open rufus
d. Insert your USB drive
e. Select your USB drive from rufus
f.  Click Start
ESXI .6.5 USB Flash Drive Build

2. Click Yes to download the updated file  to skip this step the USB key will not boot
3. Click Ok to confirm you intend to overwrite the flash drive.

4. Boot up Bare Metal System

5. Boot Menu Option- USB Front USB Flash Drive.

ESXI 6.0 Single Host Installation 

Step a. Select ESX-6.0 Standard Installer.






Step b.  ESXI 6 Installer Loading






Step c. ESXI 6 Installer Loading Modules..







Step d.  ESXI 6.0 Installer HCL Welcome Page.-Click Continue.







Step e. ESXI 6.0 Installer EULA.-Click F11 To Accept and Continue








Step f. Select VMFS partition -Local- Press Enter to Continue.








Step g. Select Keyboard Layout- Default US.-Press Enter to Continue.









Step h. Enter a root password- and Press Enter to Continue. 








Step i. Installing ESXI 6.0.0 ..






Step j-ESXI 6.0 Installation Complete.








Step k.-ESXI Single Host Installation

Newly Install ESXI 6.0 Installation on DELL Blade via ESXI USB Boot -able Media

4. Reference
a.  Rufus software -create bootable USB drives
c. Install ESXi 6 to USB as Destination or Have it as Source (USB installer)
f. Installing ESXi 5.x on a supported USB flash drive or SD flash card (2004784)

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