vRealize Operations Manager and Log Insight Integration

“The time has come to make your VROPS and Log Insight Integrated– to help your organization more “awesome”.. to predict, consolidate and preempted all events and sys logs, VROPS analytic virtual infrastructure data in one single paint of glass.” VROPS and Log Insight Integration. vRealize Operations Requirements … Continue reading

VMware PowerCLI Reset ESXI Host Root Password Script

Here is another useful PowerCli Script for VMware Administrator, especially during the time when organization required change all system accounts’ passwords – change password 60-90 days policy. We all know it is a pain logging into ESXI Remote Console individually and setting the root password … Continue reading

VMware Powercli Script Configure DNS server, DNS domain, and NTP services

Here’s very useful Powercli Script for VMware Administrator to set DNS server, DNS domain and NTP server values, and restart NTP. Illustrated Examples: ESXI Configuration: Time Configuration and DNS and Routing ESXI NTP and DNS/Routing Configure Settings: Leveraging PowerCLI Script  that … Continue reading